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LED Accessories

Heatsink Compound Paste

Heatsink Compound Paste

Approx. Rs 600 / Kilogram

Thermal grease, also called thermal paste or thermal compound, is a substance used to promote better heat conduction between two surfaces and is commonly used between a microprocessor and a heat sink . The top surface of most microprocessors is not perfectly flat. Some have microscopic grooves and others might even have a slight curve, which produces air gaps between the microprocessor and the heat sink and reduces the cooling performance of the heat sink. The air gaps are filled by applying a thin layer of thermal grease to the top of the microprocessor and the base of the heat stheink.
Price :
1.0 watt thermal paste rs.650/kg(rs.600 for more than 50kg)

LED Connector

LED Connector

Approx. Rs 4.2 / Pair

Product details:

Connector Type Male/female

Product description:

We are offering wide range of Panel Light Connector
Panel Light connector pair =rs.5(rs.4.2 for 2000+ quantity)

Panel Light Spring

Panel Light Spring

Approx. Rs 2.5 / Pair

Material : SS and Plastic Usage :Panel Light Feature: High Quality Heavy duty
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Pair
Product Price :
Panel Light spring pair=rs.3(rs.2.5 for more than 5000pc)

Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Approx. Rs 1,600 / Kilogram

Solder paste is a material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. It is also possible to solder through hole pin in paste components by print solder paste in/over the holes. The paste initially adheres components in place by being sticky, it is then heated (along with the rest of the board) melting the paste and forming a mechanical connection as well as an electrical connection. The paste is applied to the board by stencil printing and then the components are put in place by a pick-and-place machine or by hand.
Price :1750/kg(rs.1600 for 50+kg)
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Immediate After 1 month

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Reselling End Use Raw Material


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